This night I was awakened by dreams in my dreams
female figure as bright as flowers, which only grows in the sand carpet
although blanket accompany lonely in solitude, I'm smiling again
These dreams took flight in normal consciousness

dancing in a circle of white glass collectors
that's what I saw in a dream
with a bit of your beautiful smile you turn to find their own happiness
with a smile that makes the world did not want to turn to see you
you're really beautiful ...

like a mother who knew when her baby blinks
I will touch when you're staring at me even in just my dream
soul of desire closer to pobud close with you,,
Deep in the desire, the desire to take of care

You're different and indeed different
walked like a green frog on leaf
you never feel fall just because a mere sadness
my dreams to have you there and for all ..

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  1. saya suka sama artinya :D

  1. saya juga sama, saya suka

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