A smile that was unraveled from within my heart

Always pray for you every time

Stop you

Quit my life

Like the glass a meteor falling

Assimilate all of the territory

I understand, I'm different

I do not like them

Holding you here is something that is selfish

But it summed up to a more

This is me

Like a child who did not want to lose affection

Sensitive ...

Wearing feeling in everything

I took a candle and lit it in the sun

I want to see the fact that

There restrained

Maybe a smile and walk

I was afraid at every my prayer

I feel like crying when I hurt

Still hold even though it is surprising

I'm old enough to walk between the time wasted

Allow your name around my life

Yes .. It was a beautiful and very beautiful

And what I might do and say to you stay for beside me

And walked along the time is always spinning and changing..

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